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  • V6000 Series Board

V6000 Series Board

P9000 Series Test Modules deliver professional network testing functionality on BigTao series test platform with high performance and availability. P9000 series are specialized developed for comprehensive and automated testing of networking devices on production line, providing the best cost-effective testing solutions on 2nd Layer protocol testing

Product Description

The V6000 series board card is a new generation of test board card with global leading architecture, which can meet the requirements of equipment manufacturers from basic function test, consistency test to high- density port performance test. At the same time, it can verify whether the network system can achieve the expected goal when the enterprise, the operator and the data center deploy the network solution.

Key Features
· 10 / 100 / 1000M RJ45 self-adaption (electrical interface)
· 100 / 1000M SFP (optical interface)
· Support 2-3 layer traffic test and protocol simulation
· 100% line speed traffic generation, statistics and capture function based on FPGA
· Support RFC2544, RFC2889, RFC3918 and other benchmarking test suites
· Support Chinese and English operating software
· Support Chinese and English test report system

Specification list

Hardware and electrical characteristics
Port Rateelectrical port:10M/100M/1000M
optical port:100M/1000M
Port Densityup to 16 interfaces per slot(MAX)
Interface Standard1000BASE-SX,1000BASE-LX,10/100/1000BASE-T,100BASE-FX
Port OccupancyOccupied by single port
Rate SwitchingSelf-adaption
Module Weight (kg)1.1
Module Size (w * h * d)196mm x 35.5mm x 271mm
Traffic transmission
Number of Streams per Port64
Frame Length Range(bytes)Electrical port: 60-16383; 1000M optical port: 60-16383; 100M optical port: 60-9215.
Frame Length TypeSupport fixed, increasing, decreasing, random, automatic,IMIX and other frame length types
VFDs Per StreamEach stream supports 4 VFDs; Support fixed, increment, decrement,  list and random modes.
Generation ModelPort-based: Continuous, Burst and Time burst
Stream-based : Continuous,  Burst
Speed Regulation ModeBased on Port, based On Stream;
Delay and Jitter SettingsFour delay modes are supported: LIFO (store and forward), FIFO (cut-through), LILO and FILO
Frame Time Stamp Resolutio8 ns;
Built-in Frame TemplateBuilt-in multiple frame  templates, such as
Custom DataSupport user-defined message, and the edited message template can be saved;Support the checksum checking of user-defined field;
User Defined DataSupport  32k bytes user-defined data,
in which the first 256 bytes support configuration jump
Error FrameCRC error, undersize frame, oversize frame;
Flow ControlFull duplex flow control, half duplex back pressure;
Traffic Statistics
Number of Statistics Streams per Port256
Statistical FormTable statistics, chart statistics, automatic saving of Excel files;
Statistics Item (port)Tx/Rx frames, Tx/Rx frame rate, Rx bandwidth, error frame statistics, filtering statistics and custom statistics, FCS error statistics, TCP / UDP Checksum error, Pause frame statistics and average delay;
Statistics Item (stream)Tx/Rx frames, Tx/Rx stream rate, Rx bandwidth, error frame statistics, real-time packet loss statistics, out of order statistics, delay jitter and custom statistics, etc;
Statistical OperationSupport sorting statistics results, adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing, and customizing paging statistics quantity;
Traffic Capture
Capture Buffer Size (bytes)512M (per port)
Capture TypeCapture the Rx frame of data and control plane;
Capture Tx and Rx frame of control plane;
Capture frame based on filter template;
Capture frame based on error message;
Support cycle capture;
Support downloading a specified number of  captured messages;
Protocol simulation
AccessPPPoE Client/Server,DHCPv4 Client/Server,DHCPv6 Client/Server,DHCPv6 PD Client/ Server,L2TPv2,802.1x
MulticastIGMPv1/v2/v3, MLDv1/v2,IGMP/MLD Querier,PIM-SM
OthersAutomatic configuration of BFD, 802.1ag, 802.3ah and IPv6
Test SuitesRFC2544, RFC2889, RFC3918, Asymmetric Performance, Smart Script
Software platform
ClientRenix test platform: Layer2-3 traffic test and protocols simulation
API DevelopmentTCL,Python3.x,GUIToTCL,GUIToPython
GUI  LanguageEnglish, simplified Chinese
Hardware platform
Adaptive ChassisBigTao220,BigTao6200
Chassis operating systemLinux CentOS7.X