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The Importance Of The Tester's Warm-Up

In general, the higher the temperature of the light source module, the greater the power value of the light source it emits. During the test of Ethernet Continuity Tester, the light source module needs to be warmed up for a period of time to stabilize the transmitted light source power value. If the reference value is set before the light source module is warmed up, as the temperature of the light source module rises, the test result will generate a gain, thereby affecting the accuracy of the test result.

For example, when the reference value is initially set, the optical power meter accepts and stores a power value of -6.00 dB. At this time, if the reference value setting model is maintained and the test is performed without adding the link to be tested, a test result of 0.00 dB should be obtained. However, after the optical power module is preheated, the power generated will increase, and the power value received by the power meter may rise to -6.20 dB. At this point, testing again will result in a gain of -0.2dB.

The time during which the light source module is warmed up is related to the temperature of the network communications tester environment. The method of checking whether the light source module is stable is very simple. As long as the reference value is set, the reference value model is tested, and the obtained test value is acceptable between -0.04dB and 0.04dB; if this is exceeded For the value, you need to wait a little longer and reset the reference value.

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