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The Difference Between Industrial Ethernet Link Tester And Ordinary Switches A

Industrial Ethernet Link Tester are primarily used to transport Ethernet data in real time in complex industrial environments. When Ethernet is designed, it uses carrier sense multiplexed collision detection, and its application in complex industrial environments greatly reduces the reliability, which makes Ethernet unusable. Industrial Ethernet switch storage switching mode can greatly improve Ethernet communication speed, and built-in intelligent alarm design monitors network operation status to ensure the stable operation of Ethernet in harsh environments.

The difference between Industrial Ethernet and common switches is mainly reflected in the function and performance.

Functional difference: Industrial Ethernet Signal Tester are functionally closer to industrial network communication, such as interconnection with various fieldbuses;

The difference in performance: mainly reflected in the adaptation to the external environmental parameters. In addition to the particularly harsh environment of coal mines and ships, the industrial environment also has requirements for electromagnetic compatibility, temperature and humidity. Among them, temperature has the most extensive impact on industrial equipment.

Whether it is from components, mechanical environment, climatic environment or electromagnetic environment, working voltage, power supply design, installation method, heat dissipation method, the performance of Industrial Ethernet is better than ordinary switches.

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