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Three Network Interfaces Of Ethernet Quality Tester

RJ-45 interface

This type of interface for Ethernet Quality Tester is most commonly used. Because of its simple adaptation of the cable / transmission medium, the transmission rate is fast. Supported duplex work is complete.


The transmission medium used is a thin coaxial cable, which is currently uncommon. Do not think that Network Signal Tester is RJ-45 interface, but the twisted pair RJ-45 interface is very common in network equipment.


The transmission medium used is a thick coaxial cable. At present, most of the broadcasting and broadcasting broadband uses coaxial cable as the network transmission medium, and the scope is not wide. In order to balance the network connection of the coaxial cable medium on the basis of the RJ-45 interface, a BNC or AUI interface is provided.

Ethernet Quality Tester