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What Are Reasons For Packet Loss During Network Emulation Tester Testing A?

In order to ensure the normal use of the Network Emulation Tester, the switch must be tested before the switch is used. In the test, occasional packet loss caused by non-device function occurs, and how to solve this problem will directly affect the use of the switch. So, please ask today and Thai to say what are the reasons for the loss?

First, when packet loss occurs during the test of the Ethernet Signal Tester, the first thing to do is to check whether it is because of fiber or network cable. Sometimes, due to the failure of the fiber cable or a module, packet loss will occur. Reported is FCS fault.

Second, if there are small bytes in the switch test and no large packets are lost, it may be caused by more buffer resources occupied by large bytes. In this case, you can change the buffer settings to optimize the test results. If the big byte does not drop packets, but the small byte is lost, it is because of the description of the resource constraint, because some chips will allocate a message descriptor for the message on the port, so in the case of the same traffic. Underneath, the small bytes occupy more message descriptors.

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