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What Are The Functional Tests In Network Performance Tester Test?

First, the functional test in the Network Performance Tester test can directly see how the performance of the switch is. The first test is the forwarding type. At present, most of the switch forwarding types are mainly store-and-forward and fast-forward. Basic functions, and fast forwarding can also subdivide a lot of situations, which should be tested in combination with the environment and use to see if it meets future usage requirements.

Second, the filter test in the Ethernet Link Tester test means that the switch can automatically remove specific data frames, and the filtering function is very important for the daily use of the switch, because the filtering capability directly determines the network security of the switch, and this function The more powerful the network performance of a switch is, the better.

Third, the broadcast suppression test in the switch test is also very important. For the switch, the broadcast reduction function is to reduce the broadcast storm on the network, so that the network traffic in the switch will not be affected normally, otherwise the broadcast storm will consume A lot of broadband.

Fourth, a very important project for switch testing is port trunk test. The trunk trunk determines the bundle technology of the switch. This test shows how the switch port can transmit data simultaneously and concurrently. The road can provide better broadband for the switch.

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