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  • P6000 Series Test Modules
  • P6000 Series Test Modules

P6000 Series Test Modules

P6000 Series Test Modules deliver professional network testing functionality on BigTao series test platform with high performance and availability. P6000 series are specialized developed for comprehensive and automated testing of networking devices on production line, providing the best cost-effective testing solutions on 2nd Layer protocol testing

Product Description

The V2-100G series module is a new generation test board of Xinertel with a global leading architecture, which can meet the needs of equipment manufacturers from basic functional testing to performance testing of high density ports. At the same time, it can verify whether the network system can achieve the expected goals when deploying network solutions in enterprises, ISP and data centers.

Key Features
· QSFP28 100G native interface
· Compatible with 40G / 100G interface
· Detachable support 10G / 25G interface
· Support layer 2-3 traffic test and protocol simulation
· Support 100% line-rate traffic generating , statistic and capture based on FPGA
· Support RFC2544, RFC2889, RFC3918 benchmark test
· Support Chinese and English test operation software
· Support Chinese and English test report system

Specification list

Hardware and electrical characteristics
Port rateOptical port: 100G/40G/25G/10G
Port densityUp to 4 interfaces in a single slot
Interface standard100G:100GBASE-SR4,100GBASE-LR4; 40G:40GBASE-SR4,40GBASE-LR4; 25G:802.3by 25GBASE-SR;
10G:10GBASE-SR; 100G FEC: 100GBase-SR4 RS-FEC91; 25G FEC: 25GBase-SR RS-FEC108,25GBase-SR FEC CL74,25GBase-SR RS-FEC CL91.
Port occupationOccupied by single port
Rate switchingTwo ports are grouped, and the rate is switched according to the port group
Module weight (kg)1.2
Module size (width* height * depth)196mm x 35.5mm x 271mm
Range of working temperature0° C to 35° C
Working relative humidity20% to 85%
Maximum power consumption48 watts
Traffic Generation
Stream per port100G/40G: 1024
25G/10G: 256
Frame length (bytes)64-16383
Frame length typeSupport fixed, increasing, decreasing, random, automatic, IMIX and other frame length types
JumpEach stream supports 4 jump fields; Support fixed, increasing, decreasing, list and random jump modes.
Transmit modePort-based Continuous transmission, Burst and Time burst
Flow-based Continuous transmission and Burst
Load profile typePort speed regulation and flow speed regulation
latency and jitter settingsFour delay test modes are supported: LIFO (Store-and-Forward), FIFO (Straight-Through Switching), LILO and FILO
Frame timestamp resolution8 nanoseconds
Stream TemplateBuilt-in message templates, such as VLAN, ICMP, PPPoE, GRE, DHCP, L2TP, IPv6, MPLS, GTP, GOOSE, VXLAN, OSPF,TCP,UDP...
Custom packetUser-defined messages are supported, and the edited message template can be saved; Checksum checking of custom fields is supported.
User-defined dataSupport user-defined message import of 16 kbytes, in which the first 256 bytes support configuration jump
Flow ControlFull duplex flow control
Error frameCRC error, oversize frame;
Traffic Statistics
Stream per port100G/40G: 2048
25G/10G: 512
Statistical modeStatistics results can be displayed in the form of data table and graph. Statistics can also save Excel files automatically.
Statistics item (port)Number of transmitted / received frames, transmitted / received frame rate, received bandwidth, Rx Filter Frames and custom statistics, FCS error statistics, TCP / UDP Checksum error, Rx Pause Frames, Port Average Latency Statistic, etc.
Statistics item (stream)Number of transmitted/received frames, transmitted / received frame rate, received bandwidth , error frame statistics, real-time packet loss statistics, out-of-order statistics, latency jitter, and custom statistics, etc.
Statistical operationSupport sorting statistical results, performing mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction,
multiplication, division, and custom paging statistics, etc.
Traffic Capture
Capture space/port (bytes) 32K
Capture typeCapture data and control plane receive frames;Capture the transmit and receive frames of the control plane;Frame capture based on filter template;Frame capture based on error packet;Support wrap capture;Support to specify the number of download capture packets
Protocol Simulation
AccessPPPoE Client/Server,DHCPv4 Client/Server,DHCPv6 Client/Server,DHCPv6 PD Client/Server,L2TPv2,802.1x
MulticastIGMPv1/v2/v3, MLDv1/v2,IGMP/MLD Querier,PIM-SM
Carrier EthernetVXLAN,OpenFlow,OVSDB,EVPN,LACP
Data CenterAutomatic configuration of BFD, 802.1ag, 802.3ah and IPv6
OtherRFC2544, RFC2889, RFC3918, Asymmetric Testing, Intelligent Script
Software Platform
Client softwareRenix test platform: Support layer 2-3 traffic test and protocol simulation
API secondary developmentTCL, Python3.x, GUIToTCL, GUIToPython
Interface languageEnglish, Simplified Chinese
Hardware Platform
Adapter chassisBigTao220, BigTao6200
Chassis operating systemLinux CentOS7.X