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What Happened To Ethernet Signal Tester In The Test?

1. If the bandwidth is sufficient, but there are many business emergencies, it is easy for the Ethernet Signal Testerto lose packets during the test.

2. The business volume is relatively large, and the bandwidth configuration is not enough. If the traffic of the Ethernet is large and the corresponding bandwidth cannot match, this situation is likely to occur. In this case, the appropriate bandwidth should be selected to meet the normal needs.

3. When the service volume is large, the peer device does not respond to the flow control, or because the maximum transmission packet length set by the board is lower than the transmission packet length of the actual device, the transmission packet length needs to be re-adjusted at this time.

3, the network cable or the fiber has a problem or a fault; or because the mode of the peer device and the port does not match, so when the Network Emulation Tester works, it is very prone to abnormal conditions, this needs to choose to match each other. Port mode and peer device.

4. When the length of the two-way Ethernet service packet varies greatly, or when all the short-byte packets are long, the performance of the ET1 is greatly reduced, and a large amount of packet loss is also caused.

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