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About Comprehensive Ethernet Tester

Comprehensive ethernet tester can discover and identify malware Detect network physical layer failures Top Talkeers: The IP address, MAC address, device name, and number of transmitted data frames per device can be displayed in order of bandwidth usage.

Vitals: The real-time display of the current network working status, such as the number of good and bad frames, the proportion of broadcast packets, etc. Email: Display the user name of the current Email session, the number of bytes received and deleted, and the address of the email server.

VOIP: Track and display the bidirectional IP address of 500 VoIP phones, phone start and end time, duration, and number of server logins Frame Capture: Captures packets online and displays source, destination, hexadecimal and ASCII content, protocol type, time, etc., and custom filters Protocols: Display all current protocol types, the proportion of occupied bandwidth, and support IPv6 Stress Test: test network throughput, delay, packet loss rate, back-to-back frames, based on RFC2544 network performance test Devices: Find out the devices in the network by detecting traffic or broadcast, such as switches, routers, servers, PCs, etc. Frame Loss: Send and receive different byte packets to test whether the network has packet loss under different load conditions. Throughput: Sends full-load data traffic, testing network throughput and available bandwidth.

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Comprehensive Ethernet Tester