• DarPeng2000E Security Tester

DarPeng2000E Security Tester

DarPeng2000E is high-performance application and security tester launched by Xinertel for voice, video, data applications, and network security test.

Product Description

DarPeng2000E accurately simulates the network access behavior of millions of real end users, and performs pressure and performance tests on application and security devices (such as Firewall/IPS/IDS/WAF/DPI, etc.) or the entire system;By simulating a large amount of real attack traffic and malicious software and virus traffic, the detection and defense capabilities of network security devices and systems against attacks and viruses can be verified and tested. At the same time, the control and recognition capabilities of the tested device over traffic can be confirmed by replaying real environment traffic. 

Collaborating with B/S architecture testing software ALPS (Application Layer Protocol Simulator) based on PCT architecture, which supports real application layer traffic simulation (such as application layer protocol HTTP/FTP/TCP/DNS, voice: VoIP SIP&RTP, video: RSTP/RTP/IPTV, etc.), its HTTP/TCP can create millions of new connections and billions of concurrent connections; ALPS can simulate real attack traffic (DDoS attacks/botnets/custom attacks, etc.), malicious traffic, virus traffic. And ALPS supports audio and video quality testing.

Key Feature

◆Comprehensive interfaces

Supports up to 4 100GE QSFP28 ports(compatible with 50G, 40G, 25G, 10G), 16 SFP+10GE ports, or 32 SFP 1GE ports.

◆Ultra high application protocol simulation capability

TCP Performance:

8 million TCP new connections, 190 million TCP concurrent connections;

HTTP Performance:

6.4 million HTTP new connections, 170 million HTTP concurrent connections, and 196G HTTP throughput.

HTTPS Performance:

280000 new connections, 7 million concurrent HTTPS connections, and 70G HTTPS throughput;

◆Support network security device performance and capacity testing

Including firewalls, load balancers, WAFs, URL filters, antivirus, anti spyware, HTTP/HTTPS accelerators, WAN accelerators, IDS/IPS, and IPsec VPN gateways, etc

◆Support application server performance testing

Including web servers, mail servers, DHCP services, FTP servers, DNS servers, RTSP/RTP QuickTime streaming servers, multicast servers, etc

◆Support network security testing

Support simulation of attack traffic, virus traffic, and Cyber Range.