• DarYu Series L2-7 Network Test Platform
  • DarYu Series L2-7 Network Test Platform

DarYu Series L2-7 Network Test Platform

The DarYu is a next generation test platform for the performance benchmarking of networks, systems, and underlying devices that forward traffic and ensure quality of service and reliability.

Product Description

With DarYu's modular design and robust architecture, each chassis can house up to 12 independent test modules and support many simultaneous users via the Renix user interface and a comprehensive and integrated API. DarYu supports numerous variants of high-speed Ethernet technologies with a chassis ready to support the future, emerging requirements of 800GB 1.6TB standards.

The DarYu is a unified, Layer 2-7 test platform with the ability to emulate a compressive spectrum of protocols and applications needed for functional and performance testing. It is used extensively in R&D by Network Equipment and Component Manufacturers to ensure design and system performance and by Enterprises, Cloud Providers, Carriers, and Government Agencies to validate vendor performance prior to selection and deployment into their networks.

With the ever-increasing demand for bandwidth driven by both commercial and business OTT applications, services and expansion of remote user access, the need for speed and ensured QoS has never been greater. The DarYu platform is ready to support the complex test demands of today as evolving needs of the business world tomorrow.

Key Feature

• S12 slots per chassis within a 14U footprint

• Chassis can be fully populated and cascaded together for a larger, seamless, and synchronized test environment

• Speeds Supported: 400G, 100G, 50G, 40G, 25G, 10G, 5G, 2.5G

• Multi-user system allowing for independent test configuration and port reservation

• Emulation of complex network topologies, protocols and industry benchmark test scenarios

• GUI to script automation with support of TCL & Python

Cost reduction with single platform capable of testing Layer 2-7

•  Investment protection with platform that is able support emerging technologies

•  Enhanced user productivity with simplified automation

•  Robust, 24/7 operation with ability to hot swap line cards without interruption to other users