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What Are The Contents And Functions Of Network Traffic Analysis?

First, the network traffic analysis is mainly to evaluate the effect of the Cheap Network Tester, including the following:

1. The number of visitors, including the number of independent visitors, the number of repeat visitors, and the time of browsing, as well as the number of downloads of files or the number of times the page is displayed.

2. The behavior of the visitor. Including the time the user stays, the source, the way in which it enters, the access situation in different time periods, and so on.

3. Browse mode. The type of user's Internet device, the resolution mode of the computer, the operating system and version used, and the geographical distribution.

Second, the role of Handheld Network Tester traffic analysis is as follows:

1. Being able to understand and master the effects of network promotion in a timely manner, increase accuracy and reduce blindness, which can save a lot of business investment.

2. Ability to analyze the effects of various network marketing methods used, adjust the corresponding network marketing methods in a timely manner, and provide the basis for correct marketing measures.

3, able to conduct correct market positioning for users, and also be able to conduct network marketing diagnosis through access data analysis, including effect analysis and optimization status.

4. Reference indicators that can evaluate the effectiveness of online marketing. When evaluating the effectiveness of online marketing, you can combine the data of network classification analysis so that you can make a correct evaluation.

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