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Message About Cheap Network Tester

Switched structure:

In Cheap Network Tester, the switch determines which port the data frame should be sent to the switch based on the MAC address in the received data frame. Because the frame transmissions between the ports are shielded from each other, the node does not worry about whether the frames sent by itself will collide with the frames sent by other nodes when passing through the switch.

Why replace a shared network with a Pocket Ethernet Tester:

Reduce conflicts: The switch isolates the collision on each port (each port is a collision domain), avoiding the proliferation of conflicts.

• Increase bandwidth: Each node of the access switch can use the full bandwidth instead of sharing bandwidth with each node.

The three main functions of the switch:

· Learning: The Ethernet switch knows the MAC address of the device connected to each port, and maps the address to the corresponding port and stores it in the MAC address table in the switch cache.

Forward/Filter: When the destination address of a data frame is mapped in the MAC address table, it is forwarded to the port connected to the destination node instead of all ports (if the data frame is a broadcast/multicast frame, it is forwarded to all ports) ).

• Eliminate loops: When the switch includes a redundant loop, the Ethernet switch avoids loop generation through the spanning tree protocol, while allowing the existence of a backup path.

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