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The Future Ethernet Continuity Tester Market Mainly Depends On Data Center

Dell'Oro recently released the latest global Ethernet Continuity Tester market research report for the IT industry such as telecommunications, networking and data centers. The report shows that by 2020, the main growth points of the global Ethernet switch market will be concentrated in the data center field.

From the performance of the global Handheld Network Tester market in 2015, the data center field is undoubtedly the best, and its market size has reached 10 billion US dollars. Alan Weckel, vice president of Dell'Oro Group, said that the main growth point of Ethernet switches in 2016 is still In the data center space, where servers will evolve to 25/50 Gbps, it will drive the growth of data center 25/50 Gbps Ethernet switches.

However, a single growth point does not guarantee the continued growth of the Ethernet switch market, especially as companies are not optimistic about the economic outlook, which may slow down the construction of private clouds.

In addition, Alan Weckel also said that in the coming year, more brands of white-box switches will appear in the cloud data center's procurement list.

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