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What Aspects Does The Ethernet Continuity Tester Need To Start With?

As we all know, the Ethernet Continuity Tester is the core device for LAN data forwarding. Its performance and function determine the manageability and data forwarding performance of the LAN. Therefore, when you purchase, you must perform the switch test. Only in all aspects of the test can meet the requirements, such a switch can be purchased. The following is a brief introduction to everyone to introduce the switch test needs to start from which aspects.

First, we all know that switches are managed and basic. The basic switch is mainly an expansion port, which can be plug and play without any configuration, so it is enough to test the port directly. The managed switch has a wealth of management functions. When testing the switch, you need to know whether the functions played by these functions can meet the standard.

Second, the number of physical ports supported by the Ethernet Network Tester determines the number of terminals or secondary devices that the switch accesses. To do this, you need to select the port according to the actual needs. When testing, you need to let the access port of the switch be used to connect to the internal network terminal. The uplink port is used to connect to the upper-level device. You also need to check the maximum rate supported by different port types. how many.

Third, if the terminal that the switch accesses is a PoE device, you need to consider whether the switch port needs to support PoE power supply. For long-distance transmission, you need to consider supporting the fiber interface. The test results in these aspects meet the requirements, then the switch can be purchased directly.

In summary, in order to be able to purchase a cost-effective switch, when testing the switch, the more comprehensive the test aspect, the more the performance and function of the switch are understood, the basis for identifying the quality of the switch will be More. Whether a switch is worth buying, the best and most direct way is to test.

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