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How To Use Ethernet Link Tester?

1. First, insert the completed cross-line or straight-through line into the corresponding interface, and be careful not to confuse.

2, then open the switch of the Ethernet Link Tester, just need to move the button above slightly.

3. This step is a relatively important step. It is an important step to judge whether the network cable is connected. At this time, you should carefully and carefully check the situation of the two network cables to see if it is synchronized and at the same time it is synchronized. order.

4. For Ethernet Network Tester Supplier, if it is a cross line, what are the order of the two sides in sequence and synchronized? If it is a straight-through line, you should also look at the next two sides, and the order in which they are lit up. Compare with the normal lighting sequence to see if there is an abnormality.

5, if in the process of lighting, some lights are not bright or the order of the light is not correct, then the network cable is not done, then you need to re-production.

Ethernet Link Tester