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The Difference Between Industrial Ethernet Link Tester And Ordinary Switches B

Industrial Ethernet Link Tester are what we often call industrial Ethernet switches, which are Ethernet switch devices used in industrial control. The general industrial switches have wide temperature operation, strong anti-interference ability, anti-fog and anti-seismic performance.

Generally speaking, a switch refers to an Ethernet switch, and an Ethernet switch is generally classified into a commercial switch, an industrial switch, and a home switch.

Commercial switches are generally used in enterprise office and other occasions. The general form is rack-mounted. It is installed in the enterprise equipment room. It usually requires high reliability, can run 24 hours without interruption, has large bandwidth and many interfaces.

Industrial Network Emulation Tester are generally used in industrial production. Different appearances and installation forms are required according to the requirements of the occasion. Waterproof, dustproof, anti-seismic, anti-electromagnetic interference requirements are required. It also requires 24 hours of uninterrupted long-term operation.

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