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What Faults Can Handheld Ethernet Tester Detect?

1. Handheld Ethernet Tester can detect Short circuit. Short circuits can be divided into shorts between pairs and shorts in pairs. The first one refers to the appearance of short messages between the wires between the two wires, and the second refers to the short circuit phenomenon of the two wires in a pair of wires, which is detected by the network detector.

2. Open circuit failure. Refers to one of the copper cables or a number of wires in the middle, there are disconnected places, the cause of these failures, mostly due to the action of mechanical external forces.

3. Wrong right. It means connecting a pair of wires to another pair of wires on the other end. For example, one end is connected to the 3-6 pin; the other end is connected to the 5-4 pin. This is not working properly. It is also one of the frequently occurring faults.

4, reverse connection. It means that because the same line is connected incorrectly at the ends of the copper cable at the end of the termination, that is, the reverse is reversed, for example, the end is 4-5, and the other end is 5-4.

The fault that the network tester from Handheld Network Tester Manufacturer can detect is short circuit, open circuit, reverse connection and wrong pair. In fact, it can also detect the fault of the series winding. This kind of fault is the original two pairs of lines. After disassembling, it is reconstituted. Pairs, including split pairs, split pairs, and split lines. This type of fault cannot be detected with a multimeter. You must use a network tester. It can be seen that its function is very powerful.

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