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What Are The Test Contents Of Handheld Ethernet Tester?

1. Backplane bandwidth. It represents the data exchange capability of the switch. Generally, the higher the backplane bandwidth of a Handheld Ethernet Tester, the more data it can handle. The utilization of the backplane bandwidth is closely related to the internal structure of the switch. It refers to the maximum amount of data that the switch interface processor can handle.

2. Management ability. The management capability of the switch refers to how it controls the user access to the switch, and how much the user likes the device. The management function of the switch test plays a very important role in judging its performance indicators.

3. Forwarding technology. The forwarding technology includes several aspects, namely, the store-and-forward technology and the fragment isolation method. The store-and-forward technology is an important one. It can ensure the correctness and integrity of the data before the switch forwards. If the packet is not forwarded. This will reduce the potential for unnecessary data forwarding.

4, back pressure. This Network Test Modules test determines whether it can prevent packet loss when blocking the sending of incoming data to the port. If the port is set to full duplex and the flow control is set, the number of flow control frames is detected.

Handheld Ethernet Tester