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How To Choose Handheld Network Tester

A Handheld Network Tester is an instrument used to measure absolute optical power or relative loss of optical power through a length of optical fiber. In optical fiber systems, measuring optical power is the most basic, much like a multimeter in electronics. In optical fiber measurement, optical power meter is a heavy-duty common meter. By measuring the absolute power of the transmitter or optical network, an optical power meter can evaluate the performance of the optical equipment. Using an optical power meter in combination with a stable source, it is possible to measure connection loss, verify continuity, and help evaluate fiber link transmission quality.

The Lan Network Checker uses high-performance detectors and multi-wavelength calibration to provide accurate testing solutions for fiber network installation, acceptance and maintenance. It is an indispensable testing tool for optical networks. To choose the right handheld optical power meter, you should focus on the following points:

1. Select a good probe type and interface type;

2. Evaluate the calibration accuracy and manufacturing calibration procedures, and match the requirements of the fiber and connector requirements;

3. Determine the model and measurement range and display resolution are consistent;

4. The handheld optical power meter should have the function of direct insertion loss measurement.

Handheld Network Tester