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Introduction About Ethernet Continuity Tester

The ethernet continuity tester measures voltage and current measurements to determine the actual power of the active network equipment. In addition, the LE80 can perform physical layer testing of the cable, including short circuit, open circuit, cross winding, reverse, test cable length and fault point position, and generate five different audio signals for hunt.

Professional test report

LE80 can conveniently store multiple test results and generate professional network test reports through random software to help network system filing, management and maintenance.

True integrated design

With a truly integrated design concept, the LE80 combines all of these features into one lightweight, portable handheld tester; protecting your investment and reducing your cost of ownership without the need to purchase additional accessories.

Free upgrade to meet future needs

The LE80 adopts the Linux operating system, and the software system supports a completely free upgrade in the future, fully adapting to the needs of future network development.

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Ethernet Continuity Tester