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Introduction Of Ethernet Continuity Tester

With the popularization and complexity of the network, the reasonable construction and normal operation of the network become extremely important, and the normal operation of the network must be ensured from two aspects. First, network construction quality directly affects the follow-up use of the network, so construction quality should not be ignored, strict requirements, certification inspection, prevention. Secondly, the troubleshooting of network is of vital importance, which directly affects the operation efficiency of the network. Therefore, network detection auxiliary equipment from Ethernet Quality Tester Manufacturer becomes more and more important in network construction and network maintenance.

The use of the ethernet continuity tester can greatly reduce the time for network administrators to troubleshoot network failures, and can provide the work efficiency of the comprehensive cabling construction personnel, and speed up the project progress and quality. Application in foreign countries has been very common, is essential in the process of testing and network construction tools, relative to foreign countries, domestic use is still very limited, mainly equipment rental and artificial replacement, the main reason is that domestic users understanding of the product is not enough, on the sensitivity of the network fault is not high.

Ethernet Continuity Tester