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What Are The Network Application Management Center Test Considerations?

1, the test environment is very important, before the Network Application Management Center test, we must first ensure that the test environment is free of any problems, so that the test is not affected by the environment, so that the test object can be correctly tested, In order to make the correct test results.

2, the network. To ensure that the tested network is without any problems, in addition to ensuring a good test environment before testing, it is necessary to properly evaluate the system and eliminate some complicated network factors. The server and test machine must be in the process. Ethernet Link Tester testing in a wired network environment.

3. Bandwidth restrictions. During the network performance test, pay attention to monitoring the memory, CPU and disk usage at all times, especially for bandwidth. If the bandwidth is very high, it is 100Mb, and the server network only reaches 12M, then the network has reached the bottleneck.

4. System port restrictions. Generally, the system has certain restrictions on the number of ports connected, and many operating systems have similar restrictions on the number of ports. Therefore, before testing, it is necessary to ensure the tested server and test machine. Some related settings are released.

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