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Factors To Consider Before Purchasing a Network Communications Tester

Work environment considerations: temperature range, EMC electromagnetic compatibility, protection level, installation method and power supply. Network Communications Tester are designed for environments that are not suitable for commercial switches, such as environments with extreme temperatures, high vibration, and strong electromagnetic noise.

■ Choose a network management type or a non-network management type Lan Network Checker: If the network is relatively simple, you can use a plug-and-play non-network management type switch. If you need to use the network management type for future maintenance, only the network management type switch can achieve the ring topology. connection.

■ It is also necessary to meet relevant industry standards: for example, marine switches should meet the ship's structural standards; if it is used in hazardous applications, it must comply with the corresponding certification standards; rail transportation and highways also have their own standards.

Network Communications Tester