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Functions Of Network Emulation Tester

1, Network Emulation Tester can link identification, can judge the network link speed, including 10/100/1G network, and can judge the network half-duplex / duplex status

2, Ping, can be set to ip.

3. Topology detection, link of 32 nodes in the real-time network.

4. POE detection, verifying availability, voltage levels, and Ethernet power line pairs for IEEE 802.3af and IEEE 802.3at specifications.

5, identify the port

6. Cable diagnosis, test wiring diagram and length; detect wrong line, short circuit, string winding pair or open circuit problem; use TDR to measure the distance to the fault point.

7. Cheap Network Tester can scanning line sequence, nLink-Ex can display the connection mode and line sequence of the twisted pair in a view through its own port.

8. Data management, save link, ping, PoE, security and cable test results to the device, and access the PC through the web to read data in the same network segment

Network Emulation Tester