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How Can I Configure a Network Signal Tester?

The serial port connects to the Console port of the Network Signal Tester by configuring the cable.

(1) setting up the configuration environment through the Console port to set up the local configuration environment, it is only necessary to connect the serial port of the microcomputer (or terminal) with the Console port of the Ethernet switch through the configuration cable.

(2) run terminal simulation program (Windows 9x super terminal, etc.) on the microcomputer, set terminal communication parameters as baud rate 9600bps, 8-bit data bit, 1-bit stop bit, no check and no flow control, and select terminal type as VT100.

(3) power up the Network Test Modules, and the self-check information of the Ethernet switch will be displayed on the terminal. After the self-check, the user will be prompted to enter enter, and a command prompt will appear (e.g.).

(4) type the command to configure the Ethernet switch or check the running state of the Ethernet switch. You can always type "? "if you need help. .

A. when configuring the switch, do not delete or modify the IP address of the VLAN interface on the switch corresponding to this Telnet connection, otherwise the Telnet connection will be disconnected. B. net user login, the default access command level is 0 command.

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