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What Are The Characteristics Of Network Monitoring?

The way the Network Test Modules is monitored depends on the source and can have a dynamic source or a fixed source. Depending on the source, it can be multiple sources or a single source. Single source refers to the fact that there is only one source of initiators in a network monitoring cycle. Single sources are usually fixed sources. Multi-source refers to multiple sources, more than one source, in a monitoring cycle.

The so-called dynamic source means that the initiator is not a fixed source, its source is changed, usually when it is dynamically monitored, it is multi-source; fixed source refers to a certain machine and equipment, The target performs an inspection visit to determine if the target service is in a normal activity.

Network monitoring in Ethernet Continuity Tester Factory is the process of collecting, analyzing and diagnosing internal operational data. It is also the need of market activities. Its IDC performance and CDN performance are also a content that website administrators are very concerned about. If you want to get real data, implement the whole country. Network monitoring everywhere is very necessary.

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