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Network Test Modules Are Very Fast

The Network Test Modules is a switch that transmits data based on Ethernet, and the Ethernet uses a LAN that shares the bus type transmission medium. With the rapid development of computers and their interconnection technologies (also commonly referred to as "network technologies"), Ethernet has become the most popular short-distance two-layer computer network to date, and the core component of Ethernet is the Ethernet switch.

Ethernet Continuity Tester have an important assumption in design thinking that switching cores is very fast, and usually large traffic data does not cause congestion. In other words, the ability to exchange is infinite relative to the amount of information transmitted. Although the Ethernet Layer 2 switch is based on the development of multi-port bridges, after all, switching has its richer features, which not only makes it the best way to get more bandwidth, but also makes the network easier to manage.

Ethernet switches are the most widely used, the price is relatively cheap, the categories are complete, and the application fields are very wide. They can be seen in all kinds of LANs. Ethernet switches usually have several to dozens of ports, which is essentially a multi-port bridge. In addition, its port rate can be different, and the working mode can also be different, such as providing 10M, 100M bandwidth, providing half-duplex, full-duplex, adaptive working mode, and the like.

Network Test Modules