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Network Management And Non-Network Management Pocket Ethernet Tester

A key question when choosing an Pocket Ethernet Tester is whether to choose a managed switch or an unmanaged switch. Although managed switches are usually more expensive, they offer some extra power. Managed switches contain the characteristics of unmanaged switches.

Managed China Lan Network Checker generally support Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). Of course, most managed switches do not only have this (SNMP) feature. Basically, managed switches allow you to control the network, while non-managed switches typically only allow Ethernet devices to communicate.

Managed switches also allow you to monitor your network. With SNMP, you can view various network statuses, including the number of bytes received/transmitted, the number of frames received/transmitted, the number of errors, and the port status. All of this can be viewed port by port.

Managed switches also have advanced features that improve your network control. Features such as Quality of Service (QoS), Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN), Port Mirroring, IGMP Snooping, Redundancy, and SNMP are usually only available on managed switches.

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