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Methods For Troubleshooting Pocket Ethernet Tester A

Exclusion method for China Lan Network Checker

When we face the phenomenon of failure and analyze the problem, we have inadvertently learned to use the exclusion method to determine the direction of the failure. This method refers to enumerating all possible faults as comprehensively as possible based on the observed fault phenomena, and then analyzing and eliminating them one by one. When excluding, follow the principle from simple to complex to improve efficiency. This method can be used to cope with a variety of failures, but maintenance personnel need to have a strong logical thinking and a thorough understanding of the Pocket Ethernet Tester knowledge.

2. Comparison method

The so-called comparison method is to use the existing, the same type of Ethernet switch that can operate normally as a reference object, and compare with the faulty switch to find the fault point. This method is simple and effective, especially for system configuration faults. You can find the different points of the configuration by simply comparing them, but sometimes it is not easy to find a switch with the same model and the same configuration.

Pocket Ethernet Tester