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Methods For Troubleshooting Pocket Ethernet Tester B

Replacement method

Alternate is the method of using a normal Pocket Ethernet Tester component to replace a potentially faulty component to find the point of failure. It is mainly used for the diagnosis of hardware failures, but it should be noted that the replacement parts must be the same brand, the same type of similar switches.

Of course, in order to make the troubleshooting work have rules to follow, you can analyze the failure analysis according to the following principles.

From the outside

If the Handheld Ethernet Tester is faulty, we can first identify it from the external indicators, and then check the internal components for problems based on the fault indication. Regardless of whether the fault can occur from the outside, you must log in to the switch to determine the specific fault and take appropriate troubleshooting measures.

2. From soft to hard

If a fault occurs, no one wants to move the screwdriver to remove the switch first, so when checking, always start with the system configuration or system software. If the software can't solve the problem, it is a hardware problem. For example, if a port is not working well, then we can first check whether the port connected to the user is not in the corresponding VLAN, or whether the port is closed by other administrators, or other reasons for configuration. If you eliminate the various possibilities of the system and configuration, you can suspect the real problem - hardware failure.

3. After the first easy and difficult to encounter failure analysis is more complicated, you must first remove from simple operation or configuration. This speeds up troubleshooting and increases efficiency.

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