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Features and specifications of pocket ethernet tester

Network technicians will now take pride in owning pocket ethernet tester that comprises everything required to get cabling jobs done in a jiffy. Apart from professionals, novices too would love working with it as this pocket ethernet tester kit comes with an ability to help one track the exact speed supported by existing cables. One can even take no time to swiftly isolate cabling from network issues through this smart network cable testing kit. It hardly possesses any weight and also quite compact in size that makes it easier to carry. So, if you are looking for the best pocket ethernet tester that can be carried with no effort, pocket ethernet tester will bring you happiness.

Features and specifications of pocket ethernet tester:

1. When it comes to troubleshooting capabilities, it leaves no question for its exclusive interface that can escalate problems by up to 30%.

2. Has the potential to tellas to whether a link having patch cords is able to qualify for voice.

3. Isolates connectivity issues like anything through cable and network test functions.

4. Displays numbers in series for a wiremap unlike what other portable ethernet testers do.

5. Traces and tones quite safely on a live network.

6. Quite compact in size and also very easy to carry from one place to another.

Features and specifications of pocket ethernet tester