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Psiber launches LanExpert Gigabit Network Analyzer

(January 5, 2009, San Diego, Calif.) US Psiber Data Systems today officially announced a handheld network analyzer with protocol analysis, packet capture, traffic generation, cable testing and IPv4/IPv6 support. LANEXPERT is a portable test tool with a variety of Ethernet Tester and analysis capabilities using a color touch screen interface.

Network Performance Tester is an essential tool for installation, maintenance, upgrades, fault detection and optimization of today's rapidly evolving network systems. This comprehensive network analyzer integrates the functions required for network fault detection and analysis, enabling users to perform functions that were previously possible with multiple devices with just one test device. Now, LAN installers, technicians, managers, and service providers can get the best product for fast fault detection and network performance measurements at a low price.

Network Performance Tester