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The Function Of Handheld Ethernet Tester

Handheld ethernet tester, network management and maintenance personnel need a cost-effective and hand-held Ethernet network analyzer with many functions, small size, easy to use, and reasonable price, so as to quickly solve the network failure, slow network speed, packet loss, Common network failures such as IP address conflicts and malicious attacks ensure that the network is unobstructed. With a color touch screen interface, simple operation, hand-held design, small and portable body, dual Gigabit test port, able to deeply analyze and discover problems in the network, is the best helper for network maintenance and management personnel.

Xinertal is one of the leader handheld ethernet tester supplier in Chine, our ethernet tester is very popular in the world. The POE (Power over Ethernet) test measures voltage and current measurements to determine the actual power of the active network equipment. In addition, the LE80 can perform physical layer testing of the cable, including short circuit, open circuit, cross winding, reverse, test cable length and fault point position, and generate five different audio signals for hunt

Handheld Ethernet Tester