High-speed Ethernet test

◆ Background

Switching and routing are the basis of Ethernet, the reliability of the corresponding equipment is crucial, and testing is the key guarantee of quality. At present, there are two extremes in the industry: on the one hand, enterprises that focus on product quality use high-cost foreign instruments for all-round testing in all aspects of research and development, and cost increases lead to a disadvantage in increasingly fierce competition; on the other hand, some In order to save costs, companies rarely use professional instruments in the R & D process, or simply use software to conduct simple tests, which reduces costs and has risks for quality. Overall, switching and routing testing face challenges in the following three directions: 1. Guarantee quality and improve competitiveness; 2. Effectively reduce R & D testing costs; 3. Quickly introduce new products to the market.

◆ Solution

Xinertel switching and routing test solution adopts mainstream C / S architecture, based on professional hardware to achieve 100G, 40G, 10G, 10/100 / 1000M and other wire-speed traffic generation, statistics and capture analysis, providing 2-3 layer Ethernet The network protocol simulation (such as RIP, OSPF, ISIS, BGP, MPLS, etc.) and RFC2544 / RFC2889 and other benchmark tests support synchronous testing in a multi-chassis cascade scenario to meet large-scale protocol simulation, performance testing and Stress test requirements and test requirements in various complex network scenarios.

High-speed Ethernet test

◆ Solution advantages

· Professional test guarantee:

Provides line rate traffic generation, statistics, and capture analysis at various rates, provides comprehensive protocol simulation of Layer 2-3 Ethernet, meets the requirements of large-scale protocol simulation, performance testing, and stress testing of Ethernet devices, and provides product development stage Professional testing guarantee.

· Test cost reduction:

The chassis + board test solution is adopted, and there are a wide range of board models. Enterprises can efficiently combine according to their needs; the chassis is light and easy to carry, suitable for multiple scenarios of laboratory testing and outbound testing; the test port is isolated, and the same test board can be occupied by multiple people.

· New product follow-up:

Xintai follows the development direction of the most advanced network technology and test technology in the industry. Existing products can meet the test requirements of various speeds such as 10M / 100M / 1G / 10G / 40G / 100G. In 2017, 2.5G, 5G and 25G interface test solutions will be launched soon to meet the growing demand for data center equipment testing.

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