Network Signal Tester Indicator Content

First, flow control test. When the data traffic exceeds the maximum transmission capacity of the Network Signal Tester, the switch throughput may drop. Therefore, the traffic is controlled to alleviate the situation of the game. For the switch test, it is very important to test the flow control. The method of flow control is to control the flow by setting an upper limit on the buffer. In addition, methods such as modifying the sending rate and turning off the sending source can be adopted.

Second, business function testing. Business function testing is important when testing switches. Test capabilities include testing both the learning capabilities of MAC addresses and the filtering capabilities of addresses. When traffic is generated, port 1 sends data to port 2, at which point the broadcast occurs, the location is swapped, and port 2 sends data to port 1.

Third, the throughput test. In terms of performance testing, throughput is an important part. That is to say, when all the ports of the Ethernet Performance Test start to connect with the traffic generator, the throughput needs to be tested. The throughput test has a formula to calculate. Normal throughput is equal to ∑ port throughput multiplied by 2 (full duplex)

Fourth, overload test. When the port of the switch is connected to the port of the traffic generator, port 1 and port 2 send data to port 3. At this time, it can be verified whether the switch is overloaded. In addition to this, you can view it by viewing the traffic log. There are many aspects to the test indicators of the switch, and different methods for testing the indicators are different.

Network Signal Tester