Test automation


For the testing of network equipment, efficiency and accuracy are the key points that need to be overcome and improved. More and more network devices need to be tested no matter when they are in the R & D stage, production stage or product production test. Nowadays, manual testing can no longer meet the test requirements in terms of manpower, material resources or time. Has become the mainstream means of network equipment testing.


The letter and automation solution is already very mature in the automated testing of network equipment, and plays an indispensable role in the overall testing of switches (performance and functional testing), iterative testing of software, or integration of automated testing systems. For batch testing of test equipment, development and batch management of test scripts, API adaptation and secondary development, or customized testing services, Xintai can provide customized automated testing solutions to make testing faster.

◆Solution advantages

▪ Improve test efficiency, improve test accuracy, and better save time and labor costs for customers

▪ Provide native Tcl / python API, detailed interface instructions, provide sample reference, easy for customers to get started

▪ Provide secondary development of API: API adaptation and interface development in other languages can be carried out, better compatible with customer's test system

▪ Provide code-free automated testing tools: SmartScript tool (SmartScript), complete automated testing on a graphical interface, flexible to use, easy to get started

▪ Provide customized development services, according to customer needs and product characteristics, to create a "single company" automated test when feasible

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