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How To Use Network Emulation Tester

1: First turn on the power of the Network Emulation Testerto check if there is power.

2: When measuring the network cable tester, first turn off the power switch. You need to connect both ends of one network cable to the network cable interface of the tester host, and the other end to the network cable interface of the tester auxiliary machine. Then turn on the power on the main unit and watch the display status of the Cheap Network Tester light.

3: Carefully observe the numbers on the two rows of display lights of the main unit and the auxiliary unit. Whether they are displayed symmetrically at the same time. If the display is symmetric, it means the network cable is good. If the asymmetric display or the individual lights are not bright, it means that the network cable is disconnected or the cable head is made. The timing core is incorrectly arranged.

Network Emulation Tester