Key Test Items In Lan Network Tester

1. Single or multiple MAC address types are the focus of testing when testing Lan Network Tester, because single Mac switches are used to link end users and network shared resources as well as non-bridged routers, which means that a single Mac switch cannot be as many as a single switch. Mac switches are connected to the network segment of a hub or many network devices. Because many Macs can remember multiple hardware addresses, each port can be regarded as a hub, so that multiple network device network segments can be connected.

2. When performing Network Tester, it is also important to link aggregation, because this is related to the link bandwidth between the switch and the switch and the server, and the link broadband scalability is good, and the link aggregation capability is outstanding. And link aggregation can achieve uniform and balanced load on different ports, while ensuring link redundancy, because link aggregation can be backed up, so the focus is also tested here.

3, because many switches are used in enterprises, so security is also increasingly valued in switch testing, the switch must have the ability to isolate the underlying illegal customers outside the network, and extended, the switch should also Support for Mac address filtering, and at the same time bind the Mac address to a fixed port and bind to the VLAN.

Lan Network Tester