What Are The Main Points Of Gigabit Ethernet Tester?

1, analysis and testing of Gigabit Ethernet Tester performance. Through the switch test, we mainly need to understand the current performance of the switch and the fault conditions, including some basic performance detection and analysis, such as transmission rate and indicator characteristics of information transmission, etc. The results of the test, the field professionals will fully analyze and measure the performance of the above aspects.

2, Test the interface and function of the Network Link Tester. Switch testing also considers its functions for various network interfaces and interface security management. Since the switch operates based on various communication protocols, it is also necessary to consider information security factors in the detection process. Test the routing protocol to ensure information security during subsequent use.

3. Note the specific form of the switch test. At present, the switch test mainly includes various methods such as on-site test and remote test. Before the switch test, the customer can contact the professional technical service company to provide you with the corresponding test plan, so as to effectively carry out the test and follow-up. Maintenance operations.

Gigabit Ethernet Tester