Xinertel Technology, is a focus on communications testing of the national high-tech enterprises. Since its inception in 2007, the letter and the Thai portable with China's top communications manufacturers of genes, Ethernet testing in the field of continuous exploration, accumulation, breakthroughs and innovation, with China's communications people unique diligence, dedication and dedication to create The Chinese network testing one after another peak:

The first machine Ethernet tester

The first 10G, 40G, 100G, Ethernet tester

The first set of automated network equipment test system

The first set of automated network equipment test system

As the first comprehensive test support 2-7 Protocol test platform TestStorm 2-7-story mixed-flow test provides a complete programme, can provide application-layer devices and network systems test provides more realistic network-wide traffic, "real network environment" into product development and test phase. Innovative large-scale playback to significantly extend the TestStorm test ability and range of application, testing various types of private agreements provides the possibility for the user.


With the popularity of Internet and video services, people are becoming more and more urgent demand for high bandwidth, GE, 10G, 40G, until 2016 100G for large-scale commercial use, transmission capacity doubled. In addition to United States domestic market, Huawei, ZTE, China third, the flames of domestic brands, such as communications network equipment (broadband access, switches, routers, optical transmission) have become protagonists in the global arena, end-to-end network visible figures of the domestic brand.

However, due to China's modern industry started late, in many areas, including the network communication test, the core technology is still in the hands of foreign companies. Technology controlled by others, led domestic enterprises to seek technology breakthroughs and encountered a lot of resistance in the process of industrial upgrading. Communication test areas, subject to testing instruments related to long-term monopoly in Europe and America, domestic communications test needs of enterprises and research institutions cannot be completely released, Enterprise high testing costs, faster iterations is slow.


BigTao series instrument2-3 high port density network test platform
V6000 series Ethernet test moduleRJ45/SFP 10/100/1000M function to locate the module
V8000 series Ethernet test moduleSFP + 10G function test module
V9000 series Ethernet test moduleQSFP+ 40G functional testing module
V9600 series Ethernet test moduleQSFP28 100G functional testing module
Teststorm series instrument2~7 integration testing platform
X6000 series test modulesRJ45/SFP 10/100/1000M performance test module
X8000 series test modulesSFP+ 10G performance test module