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Xinertel Technology uses an advanced system architecture and development technologies, has developed a series of Ethernet simulation of professional instruments, openness, extensibility, and with good reliability, meet the various dimensions of the network simulation and testing.

Through a single port up to 100Gbps speed test modules, build hundreds of g is a network of business through the IPv4 and IPv6 protocol stack, 2~3 routing protocol simulation based, study the feasibility of network topology and network deployment; relies on many-core processor high performance, simulate the real business of millions of users, such as Web browsing, FTP download, video and voice.

As a proprietary test solutions provider in China, the Xinertel Technology in addition to providing a general test instrument, can also Institute with research institutions to provide customized test instruments or solutions, such as applications in aerospace, power switch of the professional test system, apply to Institute for the simulation of network damage and so on.


With the popularity of the rapid development of communications, network and communication needs in the areas of data accuracy and real-time high dependence on the Web is more and more big, and communication services in the field of quality is more and more concerned. Therefore, the current national input into the communications industry is also growing, the industry Research Institute of network technology, many colleges and universities have set up communications laboratory and the computer network center.

Network technology research is inseparable from the practice, and facilitates network simulation, with test instrumentation and simulation and test functions of the network, can be simulated in a lab environment is a network of business and application of experiment and teaching research on the basis of this work.


BigTao series instrument2-3 high port density network test platform
V6000 series Ethernet test moduleRJ45/SFP 10/100/1000M function to locate the module
V8000 series Ethernet test moduleSFP + 10G function test module
V9000 series Ethernet test moduleQSFP+ 40G functional testing module
V9600 series Ethernet test moduleQSFP28 100G functional testing module
Teststorm series instrument2~7 integration testing platform
X6000 series test modulesRJ45/SFP 10/100/1000M performance test module
X8000 series test modulesSFP+ 10G performance test module

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