Mobile Internet, large data and cloud computing and a series of new network application service brings the diversification of access terminals, network bandwidth, high-speed growth and the rapid spread of new generation of communication technology. The rapid development of the telecommunications industry to promote related communications products, whether in system composition or new features are increasingly complex, network equipment, interface speed, backplane bandwidth and port density are rapidly increasing. Correspondingly, the operators put forward higher standards and requirements for the rationality of the network system layout and the system reliability.

However, the communication product complexity lead to product failure and failure rate surged. Network operations increasing difficulty and intensity. Maintenance personnel with an average 30% of the time it takes to troubleshoot, take up key tasks such as deploying new technology and optimize network performance. Operation test can effectively prevent and solve network problems, but the functionality and portability of the test instrument is often contradictory, larger fully functional Tester, it is difficult to adapt to operational testing scenarios.

Technology development of application-oriented, as network analyzers from the traditional ' big box ' evolved into handheld devices Tlite. Xinertel Technology Title equipment market, and will help the majority of network managers and test engineers to respond to more scenarios, and improve their comprehensive ability to manage networks.



Tlite handheld network tester is the innovative network tester, has a very comprehensive network testing capabilities, can fully meet the Ethernet network deployment, implementation, operation and maintenance phases of the testing requirements.

Structural design of no screen Tlite has added small and flexible body, smart terminal (mobile phone, Tablet PC, laptop, etc) connected by WiFi remote control mode, simple and easy to use APP software, you can easily complete the configuration of the tester, and easily respond to various test environments and scenarios:

•Standard RFC2544 throughput, latency, frame loss and back testing

•Support the BERT test

•Support online filtering and ethereal features

•Support 1~4-loopback test

•TDR test line through broken, wire sequence, polarity, fault location

•Optical port with SFP DDM detection module temperature, voltage, power, power

•Ping,DHCP,Http,Trace route,FTP,DNS,Email


Tlite seriesEthernet handheld tester

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