In recent years, thanks to strong market demand, the growth rate of China's communications industry has always been leading the world. In 2015 the global communications manufacturing industry is close to zero growth, and by mobile phones, integrated circuits and other fields, China's electronic information industry revenue growth of about 6%, significantly higher than the world. From the segment market, communications network equipment market growth rate remained at 5%, significantly higher than the global average growth rate.

Although the market performance is eye-catching, but the global division of labor, China's communications manufacturing industry as a whole is still in the industry chain downstream and low-end ranks, although the market is large, but generally not strong profitability. To the mobile phone industry, for example, only 10% of the global market share of iphone mobile phone has taken 90% of the market profits. Such a high product premium rate is largely due to Apple's continued product innovation and stringent quality control. Now, more and more Chinese enterprises have seen the importance of quality control, increase product testing supply and demand, improve the testing process has also become enterprises to increase value-added products, from low-quality cheap "Made in China" to Wumart The Key Link in the Transformation of "China 's Quality".


Xinertel Technology since 2007 and is committed to the production of network equipment testing, for more than 50% of the domestic OEM / ODM service providers to provide a comprehensive network of production testing solutions.

Network equipment production testing, such as PON, switches, optical cat, power cat, EOC and routers, and other relatively large difference between the R & D test, with particular attention to accuracy, efficiency and automation. Letter and Thailand through a combination of soft and hard way, tailored for the production line efficient automated test solutions. The 96-port high-density test chassis meets the needs of centralized testing on the production line. TeleATT automated test platform, support aggregation, interaction, loopback, and so on more than 30 kinds of test patterns, and a variety of packet configuration and frame size template to support the production line batch asynchronous test, without human intervention, comprehensive testing process comprehensive and efficient And automation.


BigTao series instrument2-3 high port density network test platform
The P6000 series Ethernet test moduleRJ45/SFP 10/100/1000M based measuring module
P8000 series Ethernet test module>SFP + 10G based test modules
P9000 series Ethernet test moduleQSFP+ 40G based test modules

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