Product Line Test


The current industry 4.0 has become a global hot spot. China has also formulated the "made in China 2025"strategic planning. How can we do to face this change in the global manufacturing field.

Industry 4.0 is a global development trend. To fit this situation, the test products also need to be changed.For example, the test equipment and production lines will be integrated gradually. It will replace manual testing through automated test equipment to Improve test efficiency.The future test equipment will become more and more intelligent. The production line can be introduced ATE system to realize the automated test control and comprehensive analysis from bottom to top.

With the rapid growth of the network and the continuous improvement of network speed, users’ requirements for network product’s reliability are higher and higher.Network product failure is fitted with "bathtub curve" rule. The rigorous testing of production process can detect problems early, which can reduce costs and improve yields.Comprehensive and reliable production testing can also achieve closed-loop, forward-push design and process improvement to ensure the sustainable development of enterprises.


The production testing of network equipment, such as PON, switches, optical modem, PLC, EOC and routers, is relatively different from the R&D test, we should pay more attention about accuracy, efficiency and automation.

XINERTEL customizes efficient automated test solutions for the production line by the combination software and hardware together. The 96-ports high-density chassis meets the needs of centralized testing on the production line.The automated test platform TeleATT, supports aggregation, interaction, loopback, and more than 30 kinds of test patterns and a variety of packet configuration and frame size template. Supporting the production line batch asynchronous test without human intervention and ensuring that testing process is comprehensive, efficient and automated.