Network Monitor & Analysis


With the growth of the enterprise datacenter and the deep integration of the mobile Internet and traditional industries, the new forms of network business are more and more. The network traffic scale and the protocols complexity has reached an unprecedented height. It’s new challenge for network monitoring:

•High speed traffic leads to increased difficulties of real-time monitoring and management.

•Security problem is increasingly serious and the attack recognition technology is low.

•Application is complex and break the traditional method of protocol and port number



XINERTEL Network Application Performance Management System (TPM) is a non-invasive network monitoring system that collects and stores all communication packets from network. TPM does real-time analysis and records all network users’ behavior data, network communication data and application access data at the same time, it will store the data packets on disk for future inquiry. Through the long-term collection and analysis of network communication data, it can provide a complete and continuous data for network problems, network performance and application performance analysis.

XINERTEL network performance management system combines the software and hardware perfectly, its provide end-to-end network application performance management solutions on a single platform. It also enhances the quality of network services and allows users to maximize network performance, thus ensuring the efficient operation of critical business systems and improving the company’s work efficiency.


The main features of XINERTEL network application performance management system include:

•Real-time acquisition, statistical analysis of network traffic

•Provide continuous and high-capacity data storage

•Provide in-depth analysis from the historical statistical information

•Support up to 70 kinds of network application performance index analysis

•Generate multiple baseline data for all performance indicators

•Generate static alarms based on the analysis of the data, generate baseline alarms based on baseline data, and generate security alarms based on the security expert policy

•A web based reporting system

•Failure analysis of the packet-level

•Open third-party unified development platform, and platform API supports 20 kinds of development languages.

•Provide a unified management platform