Layer 4-7 Performance Test


With the fast growth of Internet and electronic commerce, the application has been gradually applied to many aspects of social life for different purpose. At the same time, network performance bottleneck has become more and more obvious.While we talk about the performance of network equipment, people always think throughput, packet loss rate and other network-level performance indicators. Of course, the network layer performance is clear and easy to measure. It plays a very good role in guiding the user to select the traditional network layer devices.The shopping server is always crash during “11.11” shopping festival and the website is very slow during Chinese Spring Festival. The root cause of these problem are that the application server performance can’t meet the peak of the user access. How to accurately assess the performance of application servers before deployment is a problem which need the providers to solve.

In addition, with the growth of the application in recent years, users are no longer satisfied with the basic data communication capabilities, they are more concerned about the efficiency and security of the application service. They want to see users, applications, content and other understandable Information of the network traffic. The application layer of network equipment will used to meet these requirement, such as firewall, load balancing, IPS / IDS. How to evaluate the performance of these new generation equipment becomes a big problem to users.



XINERTEL TestStorm series is used for layer2-7performance test and protocol emulation, it can quickly do a comprehensive assessment of the performance of network equipment. TestStorm can be used to test RFC2544/RFC2889/RFC3918, routing compatibility and performance testing, Connection per second of TCP/concurrent TCP session and http bandwidth…

TestStorm platform supports X series test modules with 36-core and more powerful processor and with powerful data computing and processing capabilities. The single-sheet test module supports over a million new connections and 10 million concurrent connections test.

In addition to the regular protocol emulation, the Scalable Playback Emulation (SPE) supports both playback based on PCAP file and playback based on application service, SPE make it more comprehensive and efficient to meet the users’ tests on the application layer.

TestStorm supports the following protocols and performance testing: 



•Access:PPPoE , DHCP,802.1X




•Playback:HTTP、CIFS、DNS、SIP、TELNET、POP3、SMTP、GTP、FTP、RADIUS、NFS、LDAP、FIX、Mysql、NTP、Syslog、Exchange、Yahoo and so on.