Switch & Router test


With the popularity of the Internet and video services, people's requirement for high-bandwidth is more and more urgent. GE, 10G, 40G, until 2016 100G large-scale commercial, transmission capacity doubled.More and more Chinese network equipment providers, such as HUAWEI, ZTE, H3C, FiberHome has become the protagonist in the world. Their products are used everywhere in the end to end network.

Switching and routing as the basis of Ethernet, the reliability of the corresponding equipment is every important. They need more test during the developers.There are two extreme in China now. On one hand, enterprises who want to improve the product qualities need to pay a lot for the expensive foreign testers. This will lead to their R&D cost increase too much and put them at a significant competitive disadvantage;On the other hand, some enterprises rarely use professional testers during R&D process. They use software to do a simple test in order to save costs. This will be a big risk to the product qualities. In general, switching and routing tests face challenges in the following three directions:

Ensure quality and improve the competitiveness

Reduce the cost of R&D effectively

Issue new products to market quickly


Beijing Xinertel Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise which concentrates on the field of network communications testing.XINERTEL was created at 2007, it has the genes of China's top communications manufacturers.XINERTEL has been constantly exploring, accumulating, breaking and innovating in the field of Ethernet testing. With the chines people’s unique diligence, dedication and perseverance, XINERTEL create one after another peak in the field of network testing:

The first Ethernet tester in china

The first automated test system of network equipment production in china

The first 10G, 40G, 100G Ethernet tester in China

XINERTEL provide comprehensive switching and routing test solutions depending on professional global service team R&D team.

Professional Testing: 

Switching and routing test solutions of XINERTEL use the most popular C/S architecture. Based on a professional hardware, we provide emulation of Layer 2-3 protocols, Such as RIP, OSPF, ISIS, BGP, MPLS, and so on.To meet the requirements of large-scale protocol emulation, performance testing and stress testing of Ethernet devices, as well as a variety of test requirements in complex network scenarios, we support cascading multi-chassis together.

Cost Reduction:

Chassis and cards are separate and there are wide kind of cards model, enterprises can choose what they exact need. Chassis is light and easy to carry out. All ports on the same card are isolated from each other and each port can be reserve separately.

New product: 

XINERTEL follows the industry's newest network technology and testing technology method. Existing products can meet the test requirements of 10M/100M/1G/10G/40G/100G rate etc. In 2017, XINERTEL will issue 2.5G, 5G and 25G cards to meet the growing need for data center testing.